The Symmetrical systems of the English Opening constitute a large and important area of modern opening theory. The strategic variety to be found within this book is staggering: from the sedate Symmetrical Variation to the wild gambit lines of the Anti-Benoni, and almost everything in between! The book provides detailed coverage of the theory of all lines stemming from 1 c4 c5. It includes many variations that often arise from different openings entirely, such as the Semi-Tarrasch, or when White avoids a Benko or Benoni. A particular highlight is the discussion of the Hedgehog. Carsten Hansen is a young FIDE Master from Denmark. He has a wealth of experience at international level and a reputation as an original thinker and a thorough researcher. His first book for Gambit - The Gambit Guide to the English Opening: 1...e5 has received high praise in the chess press.

"If you want to have the best book available on 1 c4 c5, Hansen's is it" - John Watson, TWIC

"It would seem that Gambit has a lock on the high quality, openings book niche market. TSE is no exception" - Mark Donlan, CHESS HORIZONS

"Verdict: if you play these systems for either side, this is now the new 'bible,' more original and user-friendly than Bagirov and more up-to-date than Watson" - Phil Adams, CHECKPOINT

"Overall Hansen is to be congratulated on doing another fine job on a very complex opening. He does challenge existing theory throughout and has sifted through, before sorting well, the cream of Symmetrical games to ensure that whilst the reader receives a lot of data it is always well selected and relevant" - Richard Palliser, BCF WEBSITE

"It is deeply and widely researched, and presented in a logical format... an excellent reference work" - Alan Sutton, EN PASSANT

Download a pdf file with a sample from the book.

Gambit books by Carsten Hansen: Gambit Guide to the English Opening 1...e5, Improve Your Positional Chess, The Nimzo-Indian: 4 e3, The Symmetrical English.