Grandmaster John Emms

Very occasionally, a chess move is played that astonishes the whole world. It may be a move of astounding complexity, unearthly beauty, deep paradox... or all three. The move is discussed and analysed around the world as chess-players attempt to fathom both why the move works, and how on earth anyone thought of it in the first place. In this book John Emms has selected, from hundreds of candidates, the 200 most amazing chess moves of all time. In each case, the reader is given the chance to try to find the move for himself - making this one of the most challenging chess puzzle books ever published.

"Verdict: An excellent stocking-filler for Christmas, or suitcase-filler for the summer holidays. Most entertaining" - Phil Adams, 3Cs web site

"'The deep and mysterious' along with Emms' 'top twenty' will simply amaze and hopefully also inspire readers to look for that amazing move in their own games. As the games in this work show, although the top Grandmasters do produce many of those amazing moves, so too can a club player, whilst finding just one of these incredible moves should provide readers with much confidence. This work can be seen as simply a very challenging puzzle book, but it is indeed far more than that and I am confident that readers, assisted by Emms' excellent explanations, will thoroughly enjoy and be inspired by each of these two hundred amazing moves" - Richard Palliser, BCF CHESS MOVES

"Try solving 200 ultra-tricky puzzles in The Most Amazing Chess Moves of All Time by GM John Emms. Players on the receiving end of such moves are invariably stunned" - GM Paul Motwani, THE SCOTSMAN

"This entertaining collection will certainly help to broaden the reader's 'tactical vocabulary'" - GM Jon Speelman, THE INDEPENDENT

" are getting double value for money - a wonderful games collection and a 'find the continuation' complication. A really enjoyable and instructive book." - Alan Sutton, EN PASSANT

"Once again Gambit have come up with something original and worthwhile, a book to keep you amused for hours!" - John Pugh, CHESS POST

"I like this book very much. Emms' commentaries are always interesting and complete... And the positions are excellent" - Matthew Sadler, New in Chess

"A highly entertaining book... mini introductions or hints accompany each position, and the solutions almost all contain the complete gamescore, which I believe is a considerable bonus in a book of this kind" - James Vigus, DRAGON

"I found the positions and analysis excellent... a lot of fun" - Shaun Press, AUSTRALIAN CHESS FORUM

Download a pdf file with a sample from the book.

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