Secrets of Minor-Piece Endings completes the reissue of John Nunn’s classic endgame trilogy. Following on from Secrets of Rook Endings and Secrets of Pawnless Endings, in this book John Nunn turns his attention to the intricacies of endings with just knights, bishops and pawns. Such endings are of great practical importance but are often misplayed even by the strongest players. The subtleties of minor-piece endings lead to amazing situations in which the slightest change of piece position can turn a win into a draw, or a draw into a loss. These three books used the then newly-constructed endgame tablebases to correct existing analysis of 5-man endings and present a wealth of new discoveries, all backed up by the guaranteed accuracy of tablebases.

This new edition has been completely re-typeset with a larger and more convenient page size. It has also been rechecked for accuracy, and all known errors corrected. The book features nearly 500 chess diagrams, including winning and drawing zones, as well as tables for the numbers of reciprocal zugzwangs by square occupied by the pawn in each of the main endgame types covered.

Detailed coverage of:

Grandmaster John Nunn was one of the world’s leading grandmasters for over twenty years, won four gold medals in Chess Olympiads and in 1988-9 finished sixth overall in the World Cup. His books have won the English Chess Federation Book of the Year prize three times. In addition, he won the World Chess Problem-Solving Championship three times, in 2004, 2007 and 2010. In 2022 he came out of retirement to participate in senior chess and in 2023 held simultaneously the British, European and World 65+ titles. Playing on top board, he also helped the English 65+ team win the World Senior Team Championship in 2022.

“The newly released edition of John Nunn’s 1995 highly acclaimed book. The author is able to combine his talents as a strong over-the-board player, chess composer, and mathematician in a unique way. The scholarship, precision of his examples, and completeness of his analysis are the distinctive features of Nunn’s books. With John Nunn’s expert guidance, Secrets of Minor Piece Endings is a chance to dive deep into the realm of minor piece endings. The ideal audience for this book will be players who are in the 1600s and up, although lower-rated players who enjoy endgames may also find it enjoyable” – Miguel Ararat, Florida Chess Magazine

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