The Caro-Kann is one of the most popular responses to 1 e4. Black stakes a claim to the central squares and seeks free development for all his pieces. While solid, it is by no means a drawing weapon - the resulting positions generally contain at least a degree of imbalance and the critical lines lead to sharp positions with chances for both sides. Many new approaches for both sides have been developed in recent years, and a good understanding of these ideas is vital for anyone looking to handle either side of the Caro with success.

Peter Wells is a grandmaster from England who regularly competes in international tournaments and team events. He was runner-up in the British Championship in 1991, 1999 and 2004, and qualified for the knockout stages of FIDE's world championship in 1997. Wells is a much-acclaimed writer, noted for his work on both opening play and middlegame strategy. He has a wealth of experience as a trainer, including acting as a second for British super-GMs Luke McShane and Michael Adams.

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"Peter Wells will tickle your imagination and encourage you to expand your horizons. After reading this book, you will be armed with knowledge and boosted in confidence to take up the Caro-Kann irrespectively of opponent's name or rating. Enjoy the journey." - Goran Urosevic,

"To study openings with Peter Wells is a real pleasure!" - Dr W Schweizer, Rochade Europa

"A very useful book if you are considering adding the Caro-Kann to your repertoire, or if you play against the Caro-Kann as white. An excellent introduction for intermediate players. Highly recommended." - Paul Dunn, Australasian Chess

"Peter has written a very informative book here and has done an excellent job on the explanations and the lines, which are well chosen for the purpose of teaching readers an immense supply of ideas, techniques and principles guiding them through the wonderful world of this defence. This author has actually played the lines in this book himself and you get the feeling that he has not held anything back when writing it, for example, the coverage of the advanced is particularly good. This book will not only suit players new to the opening but also people who already play this defence, and I'm sure that it will heighten the popularity of the Caro-Kann among all chess players! Excellent work - and it is a must for fans and soon-to-be fans of the Caro-Kann as Peter is arguably one of the best chess writers around at the moment." - Michael Stevenson, New Zealand Chess

"I would be quick to pick up this book as an e4 player or if I defended it with the Caro-Kann. Wells really focuses on how to play the opening by presenting a wide range of ideas for both sides. Explanations abound ... the analysis and coverage is outstanding." - Lou Mercuri, Chess Horizons

"...this is a seriously good opening book ... Wells [is] in the vanguard of writers who push the quality of chess books ever forward." - Munroe Morrison, Open File

"This is a great book! If all opening books were put together like this, we'd all be happier. ... I wish Wells would write more books like this." - Bob Long,

"Wells' prose style is a treat. He clearly relishes his opportunities to phrase issues in philosophic terms, without doing so gratuitously. This not only gives us a more nuanced view of the game, it makes for entertaining reading. ... You could almost get your money's worth from the book by simply playing through his commentary on the group of games with the [3 e5 Bf5] 4 Nc3/5g4 variation, with its extraordinarily rich set of dynamic and positional factors. Toss in his brilliant exposition on when and why the Short plan works (and when it doesn't) and you've got an instructional pamphlet on the Advance Variation that alone justifies buying this book." - IM John Watson, TWIC

"Reading this book is a joy, because Wells manages to make it a lively and entertaining read, while being instructional and educational at the same time. This volume lives up to every expectation. If you play the Caro-Kann as black, or 1 e4 as white, or if you just want to become a better chessplayer by studying interesting material with plenty of explanations of chess strategy, then buy this book. It is a modern classic." - Carsten Hansen,

"Grandmaster Secrets: The Caro-Kann, a brand-new Gambit book written by GM Peter Wells, combines all the thoroughness, up-to-date details, clarity, readability, and very good, sensible advice that Wells' fans (including myself!) have become accustomed to from the extremely diligent English author." - GM Paul Motwani, The Scotsman

"Whoever is learning the Caro-Kann or wants to understand it better, must have this. A dazzling opening book which you will delight in owning! An absolute must-buy." - Martin Rieger,

"... a splendid volume from Peter Wells, long one of the finest and most interesting authors in the English language. ... covers all major lines, and gives an excellent summary of the state of theory up to mid-2007 ... This book should be indispensable to almost [all] Caro players, actual or potential" - Steve Giddins, British Chess Magazine

" will be impressed with all the latest developments that you shall find between these 175 well filled pages." - John Elburg,

"All in all, this is an excellent guide to the Caro-Kann Defence with lucid explanations." - Sean Marsh,

Gambit books by Wells: Chess Explained: The Queen's Indian, Grandmaster Secrets: the Caro-Kann.