Chess is a game where profound strategic thinking must be allied with clever short-term tactics. Most previous works on strategy focus on specific aspects of chess strategy, but Lars Bo Hansen’s aims here are different. He creates a framework in which the various elements can be systematically included and organized – a framework that will help chess-players to think about chess strategy during practical play. The theory of business strategy is extensively developed, and Hansen adopts the novel approach of investigating whether any of the vast amounts of research and modelling done for business purposes can be applied in chess. He finds that there are indeed many useful parallels, and focuses on how these ideas can be used to good effect by chess-players both in their preparation and when making over-the-board decisions.

Lars Bo Hansen is a well-known grandmaster from Denmark. He has won the Danish Championship on two occasions, and represented his country in four Olympiads, winning a bronze medal for his individual performance in 1990. His many tournament victories include first prize in the strong Copenhagen Open in both 1997 and 2000. Away from the board, he teaches and lectures on business studies, with a particular focus on marketing, organization and strategy.

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“The real virtue of Hansen’s effort... rests with the examples and his extremely intelligent analysis of them. Hansen is full of insights, clearly interested in his subject, and capable of finding original ways to describe the game. This is a unique book, and I can unequivocally recommend FOUNDATIONS OF CHESS STRATEGY to all mid-level players and above” – John Watson,

“Lars Bo thankfully reminds us that business science is far from exact. His approach is instructive and makes a great framework for revelling in the styles and games of lots of great players while discussing your problems.” – Craig Pritchett, The Herald

“This book will help those who want to know their own ability and from that devise openings and strategies.” – Harry Schaak, KARL

“This book takes a very novel approach as compared to the typical treatise. Hansen delves into the business comparison and tries to take management "jargon" and apply it to chess. His work is very thought provoking and I think provides a new method for a player to evaluate his own strengths and weakness. On a more superficial level, the games presented are well annotated using a different approach and can be enjoyed by all.” – Andy Ansel,

“Hansen is breaking new ground here by integrating positional concepts, style, tactics, and chess psychology into one book.” - Bill Whited, Chess Country

“In this age in which it often seems that there is too much data and not enough information, it is nice to come across a book that has some originality and that can make you think about chess in a new way. Recommended.” - Phil Adams, 3Cs website

“ less an author than Gary Kasparov himself is now promising a book on applying the principles of chess to the business world (Hansen in reverse) so the idea has clearly caught on.” – Andy Mack, Weekend Chess

“While a number of recent books have attempted to apply chess strategies to the business world, this book proposes to do the opposite. Hansen adopts the novel approach of investigating whether any of the vast amounts of research and modeling done for business purposes can be applied in chess. He notes that chess principles have become commodities available to all and that the focus must shift from how to win the position to how to defeat your opponent. To do this one must examine his internal resources and thoroughly understand what you are good at, as well as your own basic style and talent. It is the author’s aim to show you how this can be done and even if he does or doesn’t succeed – it’s still a darn interesting book. Three stars.”- Mark Donlan, Chess Horizons

“...this is a thought provoking, entertaining and enjoyable book that will serve you well. The included games are very well presented and on their own would in many other books cost you the cover price alone.” - Michael Blake, IECG Newsletter

“Overall, many may well find this work to be rather groundbreaking and just as original and practically useful as The Seven Deadly Chess Sins or as Yermolinsky’s superb The Road to Chess Improvement.” - Richard Palliser,

Gambit books by Lars Bo Hansen: Foundations of Chess Strategy, Secrets of Endgame Strategy, How Chess Games are Won and Lost, Improve Your Chess – by Learning from the Champions.