Grandmaster Eingorn is an chess opening trendsetter. Throughout his career, he has introduced many novel concepts in the openings, and some of the systems he has introduced have gone on to become absolute main lines, such as the Rb1 Exchange Grünfeld. Here he explains the methods by which he prepares his openings and works out new systems from scratch, and how readers can do the same.

The broad topics he discusses include Experiments in the Opening, Disturbing the Equilibrium, Strategic Planning, and Opening Formations. He follows this up with a section of examples from modern practice, and theoretical articles on several of the opening lines that he has pioneered, taking us through the creative process, and the highs and lows of the practical testing and refinement of the ideas.

Viacheslav Eingorn is an extremely experienced grandmaster from Ukraine. He played regularly and successfully in the Top League of the USSR Championship in the 1980s. He has represented Ukraine many times in team events and plays frequently in the German Bundesliga and open tournaments across Europe.

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"The author is a renowned opening innovator, who has introduced many systems that have become main line theory, including the Rbl Exchange Grünfeld and Qc2 in the Queen's Gambit Declined. Here he 'explains the methods by which he prepares his openings,' and the creative process in general, and how small nuances can have a great impact on the strategic overview of a particular line. Topics include Experiments in the Opening, Disturbing the Equilibrium, Strategic Planning, and Opening Structures. All in all, this is a high-level treatise that requires more than a cursory understanding of the game." - Mark Donlan, Chess Horizons

"A study of this book will be most rewarding. It will make one aware of the rich possibilities that still exist in the opening phase of the game, even in this computer age." - Bill Frost,

"A highly interesting and thought-provoking work" - Steve Giddins, British Chess Magazine

"GM Viacheslav Eingorn may have written one of the most worthwhile openings' books ever." - Bob Long,

"There is considerable distilled wisdom in this well-crafted book." - Cecil Rosner, Winnipeg Free Press

"This book is especially good in this day, when so many people rely on memorizing hundreds of book moves without any idea why those moves are played. Here players can learn the ideas behind the moves and how to correctly approach the opening. This book contains a wealth of information, and I would greatly encourage anyone wanting to improve their opening, to get this book!" - Andy May,

"Buy this book for its incredible ideas!" - John Elburg,

"Creative Chess Opening Preparation" will best be enjoyed by players from 2000 on up who want to increase their understanding of opening strategy and their ability to think outside the box." - IM John Donaldson, on Silman's website

Gambit books by Eingorn: Decision-Making at the Chessboard, Creative Chess Opening Preparation, A Rock-Solid Chess Opening Repertoire for Black, Chess Explained: The French (Eingorn & Bogdanov).