The Sveshnikov Variation is one of the most uncompromising lines of the Sicilian Defence. Black accepts an apparently loose pawn-structure in return for a great deal of piece activity. Decades of experience have shown that it is far from easy for White to neutralize Black's active play, and the Sveshnikov is now firmly established as a favourite weapon for players who wish to win games as Black. Leading grandmasters who have relied on the Sveshnikov include John Nunn, Michal Krasenkow, Joel Lautier, Miguel Illescas, Alexei Shirov, Peter Leko and, most notably, BGN World Champion Vladimir Kramnik.

Yuri Yakovich is a well-known grandmaster and chess trainer from Samara, Russia. Yakovich has played the Sveshnikov Sicilian in more than 50 competitive games during his career, with excellent results. His tournament victories include Gistrup 1997 and San Antonio 1999 and 2001. This is his first chess book.

"The author's original analysis can be found on virtually every page in the book, and from what I can tell (with Fritz's help) these suggestions are right on the money. ... Yakovich has enough room to examine ALL reasonable alternatives for White and Black and can extend variations into the endgame when appropriate. ... Recommendation: Any player who is (or who aspires to be) rated above 1800 and who plays the Sveshnikov as Black or the Open Sicilian as White must have The Complete Sveshnikov. Without it you are very likely to be caught out in the opening by better-prepared opponents; i.e., those who have this book!" - Daniel Lucas, GEORGIA CHESS

"The stock of the variation 1 e4 c5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 d4 cxd4 4 Nxd4 Nf6 5 Nc3 e5, popularised by Sveshnikov in the 1970s, has risen steadily over time, to such a point that it now appears in the practice of many of the world's strongest players, including Kramnik, Leko, Shirov, Anand, Topalov and recently even Kasparov. The Sveshnikov combines solidity (Black's king tends to be much safer than in most other variations of the open Sicilian) with considerable imbalance (in the main line Black gains the bishop pair and a central pawn majority, compensating for White's sounder pawns and an outpost at d5). It is therefore ideal for playing for a win with Black. ... A first-class opening manual on a popular opening by a leading practitioner - a super book." - Phil Adams

"This first rate book by Russian Grandmaster Yuri Yakovich offers the reader a complete, up to date guide on one of the sharpest answers to 1.e4. ... The Complete Sveshnikov Sicilian is must reading for anyone interested in this fascinating variation. Highly recommended." - John Donaldson

"There have been a number of books on this opening in the last few years but Yakovich's book will now be the foremost authority on it" - John Pugh, CHESS POST, CHECKMATE

"..a bumper 272 pages for the price of many less complete offerings... strongly recommended" - Michael Blake, IECG

"As we have rather come to expect from Gambit this is another high-quality survey of a fashionable opening. The Sveshnikov has been one of Black's main defences to 1 e4 for the past decade and, based upon current trends and theory, that appears unlikely to change....essential reading" - Richard Palliser, CHESS MOVES

"This meets some of the criteria I use for whether an opening is worth learning: 1) It contains sharp lines in which you can win just by knowing the book (as a just reward for your effort), 2) There is a good chance of getting 'your' variation since the key move 5...e5 happens early in the game. Yakovich does an excellent job in guiding you through the maze of complex lines." - Douglas Bryson, SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY

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