In his previous work, Secrets of Chess Defence, Mihail Marin examined the task facing the defender. Now he considers the other side of the coin. In this wide-ranging treatise, he discusses many topics including: the balance between attack and defence; the premises for starting a successful attack; advantage in development; intuitive sacrifices; typical scenarios. The book features many practical examples from top-level play.

Mihail Marin is a strong grandmaster from Romania. He achieved his first major success in international chess by qualifying for the interzonals in 1987. He has won the Romanian Championship on two occasions and has played in seven Olympiads. For several years he was editor of the magazine Chess Extrapress.

Download a pdf file with a sample from the book.

“Secrets of Attacking Chess is a beautiful and instructive book, written for the advanced club player” – Herman Grooten,

“He writes with passion...his enthusiasm is infectious.” - Johannes Fischer, KARL

“...the insights into the vision of a grandmaster, that Marin generously and delightfully offers, in any event enhance the perspective of the reader.” – Fernando Offermann, Berliner Schachverband

“Rich in ideas, high quality reading” – Dr Erik Rausch, Rochade

“From these [games] can every attentive reader profit an amount and simultaneously get a little glimpse into the sheer inexhaustible complexity of the royal game.” – Dr W. Schweizer, Rochade

“The final chapter gives a warning in relying too much on computer analysis in your attacking play because computer analysis tends to be too materialistic. A useful text to help you study this topic. Highly Recommended.” – Paul Dunn, Australian Chess

“Very interesting and original material that will provide much food for thought. Highly recommended.” – Phil Adams,

“A quick glance at Secrets of Attacking Chess might prove somewhat intimidating. While there is plenty of explanatory prose Marin believes in backing up his conclusions with concrete analysis. A closer look reveals that Marin has a definite pedagogical bent and has taken pains to sprinkle instructive comments throughout the book that are destined to stay with the reader. Highly Recommended.” – IM John Donaldson, on Silman‘s website

“It‘s impossible for a brief review to capture what a feast of ideas this is...” – Derek Grimmell,

“For those who appreciate an original work and some very impressive analysis, Secrets of Attacking Chess is highly recommended. It fully cements Marin‘s reputation as an excellent author, while being a most enjoyable and inspiring work to read and study.” – Richard Palliser, Yorkshire Chess Association

“In very clear and structured ways, Marin shows how to build up attacks that are likely to succeed, but he also helps the reader to appreciate that one must sometimes battle out a very long and hard duel, finishing in the endgame.” – Paul Motwani, The Scotsman