Simon Williams at the Isle of Man 2004

In this book, one of the most enthusiastic adherents of the Classical Dutch explains the workings of his favourite opening, and provides Black with a complete repertoire against 1 d4. Few opponents will be ready to take on the Classical Dutch, since it has received little attention in chess literature in recent decades. Simon Williams shows how Black can obtain counter-chances against each of White's main options. He also provides recommendations against all of White's alternative approaches against the Dutch, including a variety of sharp possibilities after 1 d4 f5.

Simon Williams is a young international grandmaster from England who has gained a reputation for playing daring attacking chess. He has represented England in World and European Championships in various age groups, and has been a "regular" in the British Championship since his early teens. See also Improve Your Attacking Chess, and How to Crush Your Chess Opponents.

Download a pdf file with a sample from the book.

"The author makes a spirited plea for the Dutch. Its key ideas and theory are relatively clear and self-contained, providing a rare opportunity these days to absorb sufficient information to play and experiment confidently without considerable research." Craig Pritchett, THE HERALD

"This is a decent book to begin learning the Dutch in some detail. You will find a lot of useful comment and ideas to use in your own games. Williams sets out to write a book for players of all standards, it is certainly an instructive example for players to learn good ideas from." Michael Blake, IECG

"Williams is not afraid to present his own analysis and to offer unorthodox assessments of some of the positions reached. ... Verdict: If you are interested in taking up an aggressive and still relatively uncharted response to 1.d4, this book would be a good place to start. If you already play the Classical Dutch, this book is a must." Phil Adams

"Reading this book one can see that there is sufficient variety inside the Dutch to have it one's primary weapon versus 1.d4 throughout their career. Recommended" John Donaldson