Garry Kasparov has dominated the chess world for more than twenty years. His dynamism and preparation have set an example that is followed by most ambitious players. Igor Stohl has selected the best and most instructive games from Kasparov's later years, and annotated them in great detail. The emphasis is on explaining the thoughts behind Kasparov's decisions, and the principles and concepts embodied by his moves. Stohl provides a wealth of fresh insights into these landmark games, together with many new analytical points. This makes the book outstanding study material for all chess enthusiasts.

Garry Kasparov was born in 1963, and burst onto the scene in the late 1970s with a series of astonishing results in Soviet and international events. In 1985 he became the youngest world champion in history by defeating Anatoly Karpov in an epic struggle. When he announced his retirement from professional chess twenty years later, he was still world number 1. Kasparov is an internationally renowned figure, famous even among the non-chess-playing public.

Igor Stohl is a well-known grandmaster from Slovakia. He plays in several national leagues and is a noted opening theoretician. His thorough annotations frequently appear in Ceskoslovensky Sach, Informator and ChessBase Magazine. His first book for Gambit, Instructive Modern Chess Masterpieces, won the United States Chess Federation Cramer Award for Best Book. See also Garry Kasparov's Greatest Chess Games, volume 1.

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"Congratulations to Gambit and to Igor Stohl for this masterpiece! As a matter of fact I would like at this point to state how much this book for me personally constitutes an absolute milestone in the field of chessbooks, but extraordinary quality needs no more words. ... sets new standards in the field of commentary and presentation of mastergames! Categorically a must-buy!" - Martin Rieger,

"Exciting essential reading for Kasparov fans." - Dr. Erik Rausch, Rochade Europa

"Stohl has obviously worked very hard on the analysis of the games in an attempt to do justice to the quality of Kasparov's play. Altogether an excellent book. Very highly recommended." - Paul Dunn, Australian Chess

"Igor Stohl's two volumes of Garry Kasparov's Greatest Chess Games contain penetrating analyses of the maverick champion's games" - GM Lubomir Kavalek, Washington Post

"quality work" - GM Joel Benjamin, Chess Life

"Stohl has done a great job" - Bob Long,

"My concluding tip is quite simple: don't miss these volumes!" - Helmut Riedl, Rochade

"The annotations are of the highest standard" - Jerzy Konikowski, Fernschach International

"Stohl has drawn upon a wide variety of sources, including Kasparov's own annotations, and provides a wealth of fresh insights into these landmark games, together with many new analytical points. Sterling work by Stohl. If you buy only one chess book this year may I suggest that you look no further than this magnificent second volume." - PHL Hughes, Chess Post

"If you want to give a chess gift to a special friend, no matter what her or his chess level is, then Garry Kasparov's Greatest Chess Games, by Igor Stohl, is an excellent option." - Tamar Hammer,

"Some of the most impressive publishing work I have seen is represented by the two-volume set Garry Kasparov's Greatest Chess Games by Igor Stohl. - GM Raymond Keene, The Spectator

"With a good annotator I could understand Capablanca, Tal, or even Karpov, but the late Kasparov games were like abstract art explained in Chinese. For this reason I thought that the greatest challenge for Stohl would be to explain the games I did not understand. Stohl handles the challenge in a most impressive way (and he even tops it with other goodies)." - Chessbug

"Igor Stohl has broken down Kasparov's play so we mortals can follow his games and the thinking of one of the greatest players to walk the earth." - Michael Stevenson, New Zealand Chess

"The production quality is outstanding and the notes by the Slovak grandmaster are exhaustive. These books contain everything you ever wanted to know about Garry Kasparov." GM Raymond Keene, The Times

"I enthusiastically recommend Garry Kasparov’s Greatest Chess Games, Volume 2. It’s yet another fine effort from both Igor Stohl and Gambit Publications, which in combination with volume 1, provides us with 129 Kasparov games. All are annotated to the highest level of accuracy. Yes, many of these games are already well known (but of course most of GK’s games are!) - all have been previously published and annotated, often by Kasparov himself. But, given Stohl’s attention to detail, his access to multiple previously published versions of these games, and his updating of all the analyses with computer assistance, this means that we now have the finest annotations to date for these games. Besides, the mere act of pairing Kasparov’s selected games with a superb and objective author/annotator means that those who love fighting chess and detailed annotations will really appreciate this book." - Stephen Ham, ChessCafe

"Improving players should totally immerse themselves in this book." - Mark Donlan, Chess Horizons

"...a worthy tribute to the game's greatest ever player." - Steve Giddins, British Chess Magazine

"...a great book that deserves to be in every chess player's library. ... The great man himself will definitely be consulting this series when he puts pen to paper to write about his games. Highly Recommended." - IM John Donaldson, Silman's website

"In a flood of recent publications, this two-volume work may become a classic" - Schachmarkt