The Réti Opening is one of the most subtle ways for White to open a chess game. At very little risk to himself, White prepares to chip away at Black’s position.

Spielmann once wrote of the opening’s inventor, Richard Réti, “Very frequently and only after a few moves, I would find myself settling down against him with a lost position without knowing exactly how it could possibly have happened.” Such is the case with his opening: Black can easily get into serious trouble without making any obvious error.

The Easy Guide series represents a new approach to chess openings books: just enough detail and just enough explanation to enable readers to play an opening with confidence, without months of memorizing theory: the easy way to master a chess opening.

International Master Angus Dunnington is one of England’s most productive authors, with a string of well-researched, user-friendly openings books to his credit. From the age of 15 years, he wrote a regular column in the Yorkshire Post.

“Attention is given to explaining the ideas of an opening and less space devoted to game references and detailed analysis. This works very well in an opening such as the Reti, 1 Nf3, where there is a steady build-up before tactics emerge, and where there is an author like Angus Dunnington who knows how to keep the text flowing throughout.” – Chess Monthly