The Nimzo-Indian is one of the most important and popular chess openings among players of all standards.

However, there is a dearth of good literature explaining the dynamics of the Nimzo – a need that this book answers. A battle-hardened grandmaster explains the secrets of the Nimzo-Indian and hows how both sides can play for a win.

The Easy Guide series represents a new approach to chess openings books: just enough detail and just enough explanation to enable readers to play an opening with confidence, without months of memorizing theory: the easy way to master a chess opening.

Grandmaster John Emms is one of the stars of English chess, who shared first prize in the super-strong 1997 British Championship. He is an extremely experienced player and trainer.

“The backlash against database-mania continues! This new series of ‘Easy Guides’ aims to get back to the good old days when explanations and manageable variations were the norm. Here GM John Emms guides you along recommended main lines in the Nimzo Indian, 1 d4 Nf6 2 c4 e6 3 Nc3 Bb4, and explains the principal strategies and tactics inherent in this set-up. He then reinforces his statements with diagrams of typically recurring positions and discusses ways of playing them.” – Chess Monthly

“GM John Emms’s Easy Guide to the Nimzo-Indian is a superb example of how a short volume with plenty of handholding for the variation-handicapped can still get its point across. The trick is to give numerous exemplary positions, and then, when the reader is lulled into the idea that he’s reading a pleasant adventure story, to sneak in a complex repertoire with the same ’boring’ detail and laborious scholarship that any good, responsible book would contain.” – IM John Watson, The Week in Chess