The Najdorf has always been one of the sharpest lines of the Sicilian Defence.

Fearless, attacking play is usually rewarded, while even the smallest slip by either side can be immediately fatal. In this ground-breaking book Tony Kosten explains not only the theory, but also the important concepts behind this popular opening.

The Easy Guide series represents a new approach to chess openings books: just enough detail and just enough explanation to enable readers to play an opening with confidence, without months of memorizing theory: the easy way to master a chess opening.

Grandmaster Tony Kosten comes from England, but has been based in France for many years. He is a regular and successful competitor in international tournaments, and is so respected in his adopted country that he has been appointed trainer of the French national team.

“...shows Kosten at his best: 6 Bc4. Here he presents a variation that he himself has contributed to the theory of (going back 20 years!): the ...e6/...b5/...Bb7/...Be7 lines, which look very convincing to me. Along the way, he improves greatly upon some analysis by Nunn and Gallagher (no easy thing to do), and clearly explains the variety of move orders for both sides, something I haven’t seen elsewhere. ... Kosten’s 6 Be2 e5 analysis is excellent, and his analysis of 6 g3 e5 7 Nde2 Nbd7 intending ...b5 (8 a4 b6) is detailed and sound. Irregular lines are all well-met, and as mentioned, the 6 Bc4 analysis is exceptional. Surely anyone playing or taking up the Najdorf will find plenty of value in this book.” – IM John Watson, The Week in Chess