This is an endgame manual with a difference. As soon as a topic has been introduced and a few basic ideas discussed, you are immediately invited to immerse yourself in the subject by solving a series of relevant positions. The solutions to these positions feature a wealth of practical advice and further discussion of endgame principles and the key theoretical points. All the main types of endgames are covered: pawn endings, minor-piece endings, rook endings and queen endings. Rosen discusses important elements in endgame strategy, such as pawn-structure, passed pawns, space advantage, breakthrough and Zugzwang. Endgames are often highly tactical, and this is reflected throughout this book in exercises that require precise calculation, and in sections devoted to typical tactical themes. There is a wealth of exercises throughout the book.

Bernd Rosen is a highly qualified trainer who writes a regular column in a German chess magazine. He gained his FIDE Master title in 1987 and has played in the German Bundesliga for many years.

"All of the most common endgame themes are illustrated, normally by master games and studies. Rosen used this material in courses about the endgame. I like this book and think that it's best used by players who are no longer rank beginners but at any other level up to 1800 or so." - John Watson, TWIC

"After a short introduction Bernd gets his readers working straight away at solving the endgames exercises contained in this most challenging book. However, some readers who are not used to this type of exercise book may find the going hard and the answers quite difficult to work out. But don't worry, Bernd is fairly detailed in his answers and when the need arises he shows all the information needed to solve these types of endings." - Michael Stevenson, New Zealand Chess

"What I particularly liked about this book was that it progressed at a slow, steady pace; it set itself limited objectives, and set about achieving them in a logical, structured way. It is the sort of course that I would have been delighted to use, if it had existed, in pre-retirement days when I was involved in school chess." - Alan Sutton, En Passant

"Verdict: a tried-and-tested practical endgame course - highly recommended." ***** Phil Adams, 3Cs website

"A very practical endgame book where the author forces you to think!" - John Elburg, Chess Mail

"Bernd Rosen offers in his book a wonderful groundwork on chess endings. Its excellent arrangement makes it equally worth buying for studying alone" - Schachmarkt

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