This book pits readers against the grandmasters by placing them in real-game situations where there is a way to defeat a well-known player. Kongsted: "Your task is to find the moves which lead to the defeat of some of the strongest players in the world. Quite often one move can change the course of the game, and calculating with precision at the right moment can mean the difference between winning and losing. Even if you have had a lost position for a long time, you may suddenly get the chance to turn things around if your opponent drops his guard for a moment." Contains 351 puzzle positions with full solutions. All positions are taken from real game positions, and the reader is challenged to find the continuation that defeated a top-class player. Includes a self-rating system.

Christian Kongsted trained as a journalist at the Danish School of Journalism, and is an experienced chess writer. His correspondence chess rating is over 2500, and his Elo rating is over 2200. His previous book for Gambit, How to Use Computers to Improve Your Chess, has been warmly received by both reviewers and readers.

Download a pdf file with a sample from the book.

"This kind of puzzle book is an excellent source of material for those who wish to improve their ability to calculate. The majority of the easy positions will concentrate on a tactical shot, while the more difficult positions require that you see some subtlety that requires you to calculate accurately." - Baldomero Garcia,

"...a superior puzzlebook." - IM John Donaldson, on Silman's website

"All in all, a good fun read with an interesting selection of puzzles taken from Master level games." - Andy Mack, Weekend Chess

"The balance-sheet of Beat the Grandmasters turns out very positive: it offers a large number of predominantly recent puzzles of a very attractive level, which cover a varied mix of themes and motifs, and are well explained." - Schachmarkt

"...enjoyed pitting my wits against a series of strong players." - Alan Sutton, En Passant

"Kongsted delivers a book that is hard to put down. The layout of the pages makes it easy for you to study a position whilst at home, in the cafe or on the bus etc. A thoroughly enjoyable challenge that will develop your understanding of chess." - Michael Blake, IECG Newsletter

"...a useful collection of practice positions for the student or coach." - Phil Adams, 3Cs website

"...a superior puzzlebook" - John Donaldson,

"...for a further feast of similar goodies I can heartily recommend Christian Kongsted's "Beat the Grandmasters", an excellent new work (containing 351 puzzles with complete solutions)..." - Paul Motwani, The Scotsman