The Sicilian is far and away the most popular chess opening, and many players prefer to side-step the Open Sicilian with one of the Anti-Sicilian systems at White's disposal. This book equips Black to fight against all these lines. The Anti-Sicilian systems include: positionally motivated lines such as the 2 c3 Sicilian and the 3 Bb5 systems; slow but tricky attacking lines including the Closed Sicilian and the King's Indian Attack; aggressive but loosening ideas like the Grand Prix Attack and a variety of gambits. In the most critical variations, Rogozenko provides a choice between a solid and an aggressive option. He caters for those who meet 2 Nf3 with the three main moves, 2...d6, 2...e6 and 2...Nc6.

Dorian Rogozenko is a young grandmaster from Moldova who lives in Romania. He plays in the German, Romanian and Dutch leagues and has represented his country at four Chess Olympiads. Rogozenko also qualified for the 2001 FIDE World Championship and is a recognized expert on opening theory. This is his first chess book.

Download a pdf file with a sample from the book.

"I found a good balance between verbal discussion of the lines where he explains the strategies involved rather than just using codes to show who has the advantage. A well produced book." - Paul Dunn, Australian Chess

"Rogozenko has been a long-time practitioner of the Sicilian Defence, particularly the Sveshnikov and Four Knights' Variations, so he clearly is very familiar with the lines covered in the book. This may sound trivial, but not all authors do have practical experience with the subject of their work, so this must already be considered a significant bonus....The book is good, really good....Rogozenko takes the time to explain in detail the positional and tactical aspects of the examined lines, the move-orders, the reasoning behind certain moves and plans. This makes the book quite valuable for less experienced players of virtually any level above, say, 1600. Having read the book cover-to-cover quite attentively I find it very hard to recall an instance when more explanation would really be required. This shows that the author has put a lot of effort and care in writing this book and that he is quite familiar with the positions he examines....There are plenty of new ideas supplied in the text, several rare alternatives that have been re-examined and re-assessed and many previously accepted assessments that have been critically studied and re-evaluated. This all makes the book a worthy purchase even for strong players of the GM-level....My assessment: this book is a must-buy!" - Sotiris Logothetis, CHESS TODAY

"To be blunt, any player who plays the Sicilian Defense as Black MUST have this book" - Chris Chambers, GEORGIA CHESS

"Anti-Sicilians is a very thorough and independent piece of work, which should serve the tournament player well" - Jens Madsen, CHESSVILLE

"Moldovan GM Dorian Rogozenko impressed me with his frank revelations about his favourite responses" - Tim Harding, CHESS MAIL

"Dorian Rogozenko fügt an vielen Stellen des Buches hinzu, dass Schwarz genau wissen muss, was er tut. Wer dies als Sizilianisch-Spieler ebenfalls wissen möchte und den Anti- Sizilianer adäquat begegnen will, kann getrost zu Rogozenkos inhaltsreichemErstlingswerk greifen." - Dr. W. Schweizer, ROCHADE

"Sicilian players pay attention! This should be in your library." - Alex Dunne, ICCF Amici (www.amici.iccf)

"A good book worthy of purchase. Well written and providing many lines worthy of further research." Michael Blake, IECG