Grandmaster Joe Gallagher serves up a plethora of ideas to help you root out the enemy king whenever you have the chance. He shows how to mate an exposed king, how to and what to sacrifice, and how to spot key weaknesses. Gallagher also reveals when it is wiser to opt for a positional onslaught, with guidance on the queenside minority attack and other less violent attacking methods.

Joe Gallagher is an English grandmaster who has lived in Switzerland for many years. He is a regular member of the Swiss national team. He has established a reputation as a top-class chess writer, in particular for his work on aggressive openings such as the King's Gambit, Sicilian and King's Indian Defence.

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"A wonderful list of the most famous and probably the most important attacking motifs / ideas in the whole of chess! Here the aggressive playerhas everything needed for his own offensive operations. Timeless... I would not be surprised if players in the year 2113 are still reading J. Gallagher! Rating: (4/5) **** Recommended" - Lukas Wedrychowski, DAILYCHESSTV

"If you want an enjoyable book which will provide one with many new ideas without needing to do too much work then this is the book for you. Gallagher has made good use of the recent high-quality attacking chess at top level with an entire idea devoted to Ivanchuk's genius, whilst great games from Kasparov, Anand and Topalov are there" - Richard Palliser, HULL CHESS CLUB MAGAZINE

"... a potpourri of attacking gems" - Richard Palliser, HULL DAILY MAIL

"Any book that can be both instructive and entertaining at the same time is worth reading, and this book definitely falls into this category" Alan Sutton, EN PASSANT

"A relatively small book (128 pages) but it is big on ideas... Gambit are producing quality material and have another fine book to their credit" - Michael Blake, IECG NEWSLETTER

"The latest in an excellent series...Gallagher discloses various attacking stratagems which should benefit all aspiring students of the game" - J.J. Walsh, IRISH TIMES

"A good book to carry around and dip into during those spare moments..." - John Pugh, CHESS POST

"It is a wonderful mixture of ideas playfully thrown at the reader for enjoyment and pleasure, but also to improve the attacking technique and to fire readers' chess imagination." - Lubosh Kavalek, WASHINGTON POST

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